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Our new sweet potato fries!

Our new sweet potato fries!

Last year we introduced sweet potato fries, a garden salad, and clam cakes. Our food vendor suggested sweet potato fries, a little healthier version of a French fry, and they have a terrific taste. They seem to really be catching on. Many customers are subbing them for regular fries with their lobster rolls, or ordering them as a side with burgers or hot dogs.

We talked about adding a garden salad for a couple of years, but just never got around to it. We have great fresh produce for our burgers, but never really had much of a demand for salad. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen more interest in salads so we finally added it. For an additional $2.50 customers can add egg salad, tuna or chicken to the salad. Someone even asked for lobster on their salad, once. We were happy to accommodate (for a little extra charge!).

Customers have been asking for clam cakes for years. Personally they are one of our favorite summertime shack snacks, but we just didn’t have the number of fryolators to make them and still keep up with our regular menu items.  Last summer we added an additional fryolator and decided to give it a try. We spent lots of time perfecting the batter. Just the right mixture of clams and juice is critical and we tasted many clam cakes til we got it right! We’re delighted by the response from our customers, they seem to really enjoy them.

This year we added a smaller portion of our popular fish & chips.  The small fish & chips is a 4/5 oz. piece of fish, whereas our regular serving is 7/8 oz. of fish. Some customers are looking for a little lighter meal, but still want to treat themselves to a summertime staple.