[FoMu] is not just an alternative to traditional ice cream – it is a premium, plant-based ice cream that will satisfy anyone’s ice cream craving.


FoMu_Ice Cream spoons[FoMu] ice cream is made from scratch with carefully sourced and local ingredients. The signature ice cream starts with coconut milk, a creamy and healthy base that is plant-based and allergy-friendly.
It is then sweetened with organic agave and unrefined cane sugar, and high-quality ingredients are added in fun combinations to create an eclectic menu of flavors that change with the season or just because!
[FoMu] is churned using little air to create a creamy, gelato-like consistency. It is made in small batches to ensure every scoop is as fresh and delicious as possible.

Flavors we offer:
Salted Caramel • Vanilla Bean • Mint Chip • Strawberry
Chocolate Pudding • Espresso Bean • Sweet Lavender

Mini    3.25  |   Small    4.00  |   Medium    4.50 |   Large    5.25


Even traditional ice cream lovers crave [FoMu]’s untraditional doppelganger.