A sweet story…


Mark and Kiah scooping their hearts out!

It makes for a very sweet story. You may have noticed the Oxford Creamery was closed the afternoon of September 7, 2013. That’s because Liz and Ken were at a very special wedding.  While every wedding is special, this one holds even more meaning for the Oxford Creamery since the bride and groom met while working there the summer of 2010.  Kiah had worked at the Creamery for several years and Mark was there just one summer as a cook, before he found a “real job”, but that’s all it took for them to find each other.  The wedding, which coincidentally fell on Liz and Ken’s anniversary, took place in Mattapoisett and included a complete ice cream sundae bar with all the fixins from Oxford. It of course featured the couples favorite flavors, green monster and raspberry cha cha.  Everyone got a kick out of the bride and groom scooping the first few sundaes of the evening for their parents. We wish Kiah and Mark a very sweet life together!